Hyperrealistic Human Mouth Coin Purse Sends Shiver Down My Spine

Japanese DJ/music producer and one part of Japanese hip-hop group Creative Drug Store, Shishido Mazafaka known by his Twitter handle @44doooo, has created a coin purse that takes on the form of a hyperrealistic mouth of a male subject. The human anatomy purse features the entire mouth and chin region of a grown man, complete […]

While Ladies’ Have Pepper-spray, Men Has This: A Self-defense Coin Purse

Rarely do you see the words ‘Coin Purse’ and ‘Self-defense’ in the same sentence in a product name. In fact, we have not see any, well that’s until EASYANT Mini Outdoor EDC Coin Purse Bag Men Utility Self-Defense Multi-Tool comes along. Despite a mouthful, the product name doesn’t quite say what it is and so, […]

LUMINOUS iPhone 5 Case by AYANO

you know what’s rare when it comes accessories for iPhone 5? one that’s geared specifically for the fairer sex, that’s what. this is what makes the LUMINOUS iPhone 5 Case by AYANO stands out from the ocean of accessories designed for iPhone 5. the name might not tell it all but the LUMINOUS, designed by renowned designer Ayano Kimura, is a case for your iPhone 5 and…