Human Mouth Coin Purse

Japanese DJ/music producer and one part of Japanese hip-hop group Creative Drug Store, Shishido Mazafaka known by his Twitter handle @44doooo, has created a coin purse that takes on the form of a hyperrealistic mouth of a male subject. The human anatomy purse features the entire mouth and chin region of a grown man, complete with creepily realistic skin, stubble, lips and even teeth. To put the coins, user simply have to ply open the mouth to open the purse.

Man, the purse looks so much like a real person chin that it literally give me the creeps. It looks like as if someone just pulled the jaw out of somebody’s face. Now, who’s missing a jaw and a mouth, please raise your hand. Doooo didn’t stop there. Mazafaka even created a personal seal that mimics the look of a severe finger. Fortunately, the severe index finger does not have fake blood to suggest that it was chopped off from somebody’s hand.

If it were chopped off from somebody’s hand, I guessing it would be the person with the missing jaw. Just kidding. No person was harmed in making this creepy novelty objects. Apparently, Mazafaka is particularly fond of human flesh, having previously wrapped his iPhone case and portable charger in human-flesh like material and lets not forget the human flesh-wrapped DJ consoles. If I did not interpret wrongly, the Human Mouth Coin Purse and the Severed Finger Personal Seal were created with the help of Komatsu-san of special makeup studio Amazing Studio.

Images: Twitter (@44doooo).

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Source: Gigazine.