Cathay Pacific’s Spelling Mistake

Usually when an airline’s aircraft gets a spanking new paint job, it won’t get any woo and ah…, less it was say, for example, Star Wars-themed like this ANA flight. But in the case of Hong Kong flag carrier Cathay Pacific’s one newly painted aircraft, it has managed to raise some eyebrows because of a serious error in an alphabet placement, or should we said, non-placement?

According to a report, photos of a Cathay Pacific’s aircraft surfaced on Wednesday morning showing it sporting the large, distinctive branding across the front section and it was missing the letter “F”. Whoopsie. Swiftly, the internationally known carrier became “Cathay Paciic”.

Cathay Pacific’s Spelling Mistake

Naturally, the spelling mistake created quite a buzz, but Cathay Pacific wasn’t stumped and embarrassed. Instead, it took this blooper with stride, even posting on Twitter, along with the glorious images of the mistake, with a statement “Oops this special livery won’t last long! She’s going back to the shop!” LoL. Now, that my friends, is a good sport!

However, that doesn’t detract the fact how it happened in the first place. Apparently, an engineer for Haeco, the sister company of the airline, was completely stumped as to how such mistake could have happened when shown the epic spelling mistake. The engineer was quoted saying “the spacing is too on-point for a mishap” and went on to say that stencils were use and if it was genuine mistake, there should be a blank gap in between letters.”

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Well, whatever it was, Mr./Ms. Engineer, this thing did absolutely went viral and it became a ‘marketing’ exposure Cathay Pacific did not ask for (or it did? Who knows?). It was definitely a costly error and someone’s ass is going to get whipped (not literally, of course). Anyways, we all had a good laugh. It will be one of the many bloopers in this world that we will not easily forget.

Images and source: Yahoo!