The last time we featured bra-related product, we had a strike from Google Adsense which our life depends on. But that’s not going to stop us from featuring yet another boobs-related product. This time is a product called Nuudii. Billed as a radical innovation for boobs, Nuudii is the “non-bra” that fills the gap between wearing bra and not wearing one.

Nuudii Non-bra System

Nuudii has non of the obtrusive features of today’s brassieres like wires and it is not stiff like it could knock out a person with one slap. Nuudii promised to provide subtle lift and coverage as it huge the natural shape of your breasts. The result is a bra that makes you look and feel as close to natural as possible. In other words, you won’t feel like you have a bra on you.

In addition, Nuudii is designed with super versatile double straps that allows them to be stretch over your heard to create different looks. And yes, it can function like a sports bra. In fact, it kind of looks like a sports bra too. Nuudii patented tech and light flexible fabric promised an ultra-comfortable fit that will make your breasts feel weightless as it maintain your twins’ natural shape.

Nuudii Non-bra System

Nuudii said the fabric can adapt to changing size to cope with, er-hmm, you know the time of the month physiological changes. Best of all, it is super space saving when not in use as it can be fold down to a tiny 3 by 3 inches package, thus making it perfect for traveling too. And did we mention, Nuudii lacks of the complex sizing traditional bras has? It has just 3 sizing to cover it all. So, technically speaking, it takes the science out for men who are buying bra for their ladies.

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At this point, I am bracing myself for yet another strike from Google, who apparently thinks a blog post with pictures of ladies in bra is taboo. Anyways, if you are enamored by Nuudii, you may want to consider pre-ordering it from Kickstarter for $39. The campaign is 440 percent funded and so, yeah, a pledge for the product is a pre-order which will be fulfilled in August 2019.

All images courtesy of Nuudii System.

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