CBD Infused Clothing Is The Next Big Thing To Pay Attention To

Everyone knows CBD continues to rise in popularity. This is good since it seems to offer a lot to those who use it. As it rises in popularity, new tech like vaporizers are going to come out, but some people might not expect CBD infused clothes. Yes! Believe it. It is a thing now.

Kohsin Rubber Teamed Up With Ultraman For A Series Of Ultraman Products

Ultraman wears a rubber suit. Surely, that can’t be the reason why maker of rubber products like work supplies and rain gear, Kohsin Rubber, has chosen to collaborate with the sci-fi franchise for a series of products. No?

Anatomically Correct Swimsuit Lets You Wear Human Biology Proudly

Here’s a useful tip on how ladies can get guys off their back when at the beach. You can either slip into a hairy chest print one-piece swimsuit, or this “Anatomically Correct Swimsuit” from Thenice. Officially described as Thenice Women’s Halloween Long Sleeve One-Piece Sunscreen Diving Swimsuit, this 89 percent polyester and 11 percent spandex […]

Nuudii Is A “Non-bra” That Fills The Gap Between Wearing Bra And Braless

The last time we featured bra-related product, we had a strike from Google Adsense which our life depends on. But that’s not going to stop us from featuring yet another boobs-related product. This time is a product called Nuudii. Billed as a radical innovation for boobs, Nuudii is the “non-bra” that fills the gap between […]

This Travel Shorts Is Stylish, Has An Innovative Waterproof Pocket

We don’t do a lot of shorts or trunk here because, unless it is uber classy or has some novelty factor in it, we see no reasons we should. I mean, if it looks like a pair that you picked up from Walmart bargain bin, it is hardly worthy of a mention, is it? Having […]

Zuma Trunk: A Classy Trunk That Won’t Make You Look Like A College Kid

Pictured this: it’s summer time, the pool is glistering from the sun’s bombardment. It is an open invitation to take a dive. At this point, you can do two things. One: dive into it with the typical beach-themed shorts like you would when you are still a college kid who couldn’t afford anything but a […]

Why Settle For Regular Swim Shorts When There’s One That Changes Color?

So, you think swim shorts need no further innovations? Well, actually, you might be right, but one Dutch dude, Tom van Dieren, begs to differ. His invention, called SEA’SONS swim shorts, won’t make you swim like a shark or repel sharks, but it has one element which defines ‘fun’; it changes color when it comes […]

The Internet Is Outraged By Team USA’s Speed Skating ‘Pervy’ Outfit

If you have not been catching the on-going Winter Olympics over at Pyeongchang, South Korea, you probably have not noticed something rather unusual about the Team USA’s Speed Skating outfit. I know I sure did not pay attention to it, but thanks to the Internet, I cannot unseen what I have saw. The two-tone outfit […]

This Pair of High-Tech Socks Will Add Grips Between Your Feet And The Shoes

A pair of socks is may be just a pair of socks, but its importance cannot be overlooked. It provides added comfort to your feet when wearing shoes, serves as a barrier to prevent painful abrasion, and it also help to take away moisture, so your feet smell less and you’d be more comfortable all […]

Hairy Chest Print One-piece Swimsuit For Ladies Who Like To Bare It All

How is it that men can go bare chested in public areas like beaches and pools, and ladies can’t? Beats me. Perhaps, it was a moral behavior handed down by our forebears. Whatever the case maybe, ladies who love to bare it all will have suck it up, or you could live out your cloth-less […]