Pictured this: it’s summer time, the pool is glistering from the sun’s bombardment. It is an open invitation to take a dive. At this point, you can do two things. One: dive into it with the typical beach-themed shorts like you would when you are still a college kid who couldn’t afford anything but a short picked up from Walmart discount cart, or two: you can enter the pool like a successful grown up with a lot of fashion sense. We can’t help you if you chose the former, but if you are or want to be the latter, here’s the gear you need: Zuma Trunk.

Zuma Trunk by Olivers Apparels

Instead of the usual bright colors and busy patterns, Zuma Trunk is the opposite. Taking cues from a classic suit and combining it with the performance of modern fabrics and components, Zuma Trunk is voluminous in the style, lent to it by the classic flair that hearkens back to the mid-century Malibu. While so, it is not exactly a retro piece from your grandpa’s wardrobe. Beyond the classic styling, it boasts a lightweight, natural stretch, quick drying blend of material, a rear zipper pocket that drains water, Velcro fly and finally rounding up flat lace drawstring.

Zuma Trunk by Olivers Apparels

In short, this trunk is like the suit for the pool. And I am not even exaggerating. As always, if we don’t like we see, we wouldn’t even bother if it landed in our inbox. But this trunk here clearly had us at hello. Hell, I would even wear this to everywhere. Not just the pool or the beach. The style is undeniable – even if you tried to.

If you are keen, you can find Zuma Trunk on Olivers Apparels going for 98 dollars a pop. It’s not cheap, obviously, but you are a grown up with a career, aren’t you and so… But really, it’s your summer, your choice. Note: Mark Wahlberg’s physique and slow-mo while entering the pool (with a glass of Martini) are entirely optional.

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Zuma Trunk by Olivers Apparels

Zuma Trunk by Olivers Apparels

Images courtesy of Olivers Apparels.

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