A pair of socks is may be just a pair of socks, but its importance cannot be overlooked. It provides added comfort to your feet when wearing shoes, serves as a barrier to prevent painful abrasion, and it also help to take away moisture, so your feet smell less and you’d be more comfortable all day. With the SpeedGrip Socks, it does all the aforementioned, but with one added benefit: traction. The company who took to Kickstarter with the mission to add traction between your feet and your sneakers is back with an integrated solution to up the traction between your bare feet and your sneakers.

As the product name implies, SpeedGrip Socks integrates the company’s SpeedGrip insole with a purpose-designed sock. Unlike traditional socks which are mostly knitted or woven, SpeedGrip Socks are made with thin, light, moisture-wicking compression fabric and features grip fabric, heat bonded to each sock at strategic locations where direct contact happens. This result in a sock that not only merely serve the aforementioned, but also offers improved contact and control with the shoe. Storelli Sports claims that SpeedGrip Socks are able to provide 90 percent more grip over a typical insole. In addition, the socks is said to provide up to 135 percent more grip against the foot’s skin.

SpeedGrip Socks Super-grip Socks by Storelli Sports

SpeedGrip Socks is Storelli Sports answer to micro-errors, such as slipping and sliding inside your footwear, experienced by athletes. If it delivers as promised, serious athletes equipped with SpeedGrip Socks should be be more energy efficient. Every ounce of power put to the feet will less likely be wasted. You do not need to look far to know how grippy socks will impact your sporting experience. Personally, I have experienced slippage within the shoes before and while this may not impact an amateur person like me as much, it will translate to significant performance lack in pro athletes.

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SpeedGrip Socks Super-grip Socks by Storelli Sports

But that does mean everyday people like you and me can’t benefit from it. That is precisely why Storelli Sports has once again taken to Kickstarter, so that everyday folks who desire for efficient transfer energy through the reduction of slippage can acquire it. A pledge or $29 or more will secure yourself a pair, in the size and color of your choice. If all goes as planned, i.e. the campaign gets funded, then you can expect SpeedGrip Socks to land on your doorstep sometime in January 2018.

SpeedGrip Socks Super-grip Socks by Storelli Sports

SpeedGrip Socks Super-grip Socks by Storelli Sports

Images courtesy of Storelli Sports.

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