Harry Potter x Vans Collection Also Includes Backpacks, Jackets and More

You heard it is coming, now meet the entire Harry Potter x Vans Collection. As it turns out, this delightful collaboration between streetwear label and the wizarding world of Harry Potter has more than just sneakers. It also includes apparel, namely outwear, and backpacks along with accessories like hats and socks. Regarding the footwear, they […]

Rain Socks Are Rain Coats For Your Shoes, In A More Serious Manner

Remember Dry Steppers? The raincoat for shoes that has designs of sneakers on it? Well, the Rain Socks from ONFAdd of Japan is similar, except it is true to the core Japanese style. i.e. it is looking pretty serious. Meaning, it makes for a good rainy day accessory if you are wearing formal attire. You […]

This Pair of High-Tech Socks Will Add Grips Between Your Feet And The Shoes

A pair of socks is may be just a pair of socks, but its importance cannot be overlooked. It provides added comfort to your feet when wearing shoes, serves as a barrier to prevent painful abrasion, and it also help to take away moisture, so your feet smell less and you’d be more comfortable all […]

These Socks Will Make Your Feet Look Like Paws And Yes, They Are Weird

Human’s feet are pretty awesome and they are what they are today because we are extremely apt bipedal creatures, but if, for some reasons, you fancy having furry animals’ feet, well then, Sublimated Paw Crew Socks are what you need. Why? I don’t know. Maybe, it will satisfy your secret desire to have animal feet […]

DIY Netflix Socks Will Pause The Show When You Fall Asleep

Imagine this: binge-watching your favorite TV shows on Netflix and only to find yourself in the show itself rubbing shoulders with Francis Underwood, which at that point you realized you were dreaming and that’s not good. While it is fun to be rubbing shoulders with Underwood and the cast of House of Cards, it is […]

These Stealth Socks Promised To Get Rid Of Smelly Feet With Style

Spies in movies ignore one important factor: smell, which means, in real life, a pair of smelly feet could attract unnecessary attentions and worst, blow your cover now that all eyes are on you. The culprit of this stench is the three glasses worth of shaken martini a person’s feet could produce in a day. […]

Bombas Socks – An Engineered Socks

socks. an item that we hardly give a damn about, but the guys behind the Bombas Socks are so serious about this seemingly minute everyday wear that we think they deserves to be called socks engineers. beyond its colorful and attractive styling lies a series of “sock engineering” that you will never look at another pair of socks the same again.