Imagine this: binge-watching your favorite TV shows on Netflix and only to find yourself in the show itself rubbing shoulders with Francis Underwood, which at that point you realized you were dreaming and that’s not good. While it is fun to be rubbing shoulders with Underwood and the cast of House of Cards, it is not fun to wake up missing the entire season. But not to worry. From the folks who wished you could watch TV shows all day and night comes a DIY solution that will ensure such unfortunate things will not happen. In comes the DIY Netflix Socks.

DIY Netflix Socks

Nope. It will not tase you to keep you awake, but instead, the socks you built will have motion sensors built into them so when these short cosy stocking detects non-movement for a prolong period of time, it will trigger a signal to pause Netflix. Understandably, this will require intermediate or higher level of electronics knowledge to make it work, and it may not work all the time, but it is worth the shot if you don’t want to miss anything because of you inadvertently fall alspee. Also, it won’t be a foolproof solution cos’ the slightest movement in your sleep will keep the show going. I guess it is only good for those who sleeps like a dead fish. Video after the break.

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