With the digital age set in concrete, many folks have forgo the good’ol pen and pencil. However, if you are still into writing or drawing in the old fashioned way while you are enjoying a glass of your favorite wine, juice or even a cuppa of tea, then WinkPens’ one-of-a-kind glass fountain pen is for you. Why? Well, in case you run out of ink, you can always suck some of the wine or juice to continue scribbling. Yup. You heard right. Using wine, or basically any liquid that has staining property will be enough to provide WinkPens the ink to write or draw.

WinkPens Sustainable Fountain Pen

A creation of Portland-based designer Jessica Chan, WinkPens is born out of the desire to create a sustainable alternative to everyday writing instrument and an alternative she did create. Traditional pen uses high viscosity fluids, but WinkPens broke convention by enabling low viscosity fluids to be used as the ink, hence the ability to use any liquid with staining property. WinkPens described it as a hybrid between a dip pen and a fountain pen that allows it to be manually fed while having a proper ink reservoir. The pen is designed to be easily taken apart for cleaning and the piston setup inside affords simple twist-to-refill and ink release system. And the mostly glass construct allows you to see the happening inside, which is pretty cool actually.

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Wink Pens was a successfully funded campaign on Kickstarter, but if you have missed it, fret not cos’ it is now on Crowd Supply where you will be able to secure yourself one for April delivery for $149-$164. Check out the pitch video below to learn more.

WinkPens Sustainable Fountain Pen

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