The Controls On This Tiny Handheld Retro Gaming Console Take Up 2/3 Of The Device

This one goes out to folks who can’t get enough of retro games. What you see here is an upcoming handheld retro gaming console called microByte. The device will let you play games from NES, GameBoy, GameBoy Color, Game Gear, and Sega Master System.

This Tiny USB Flash Drive-like Device Is A Full-Featured Computer

It may looked like a USB flash drive, but the USB Armory Mk II you see here is actually a full-featured computer. Yes. Believe it. This little guy clad in USB flash drive form factor is a fully functional computer that runs Linux and weighs heavy on security.

This Glass Fountain Pen Lets You Use Wine, Juice, Or Tea As Writing Ink

With the digital age set in concrete, many folks have forgo the good’ol pen and pencil. However, if you are still into writing or drawing in the old fashioned way while you are enjoying a glass of your favorite wine, juice or even a cuppa of tea, then WinkPens’ one-of-a-kind glass fountain pen is for […]

Spartan Carton 6-Pack Beer Carrier Lets You Lug Your Booze in Style

Need to lug along a six-pack to a picnic by the river? You can either add to the environment distress by stashing them in a plastic carrier that looks anything but pleasing, or you could carry in the stylish way possible with the Spartan Carton 6-Pack Beer Carrier which also have the added benefit of […]

REMzen Intelligent Sleep Mask Relies on R.E.M. to Enable a Better Sleep

I am sure we are all familiar with sleep tracker. We are told that we should wear it on our wrist, sleep on super thin sensor and even slip under our pillows, but nobody actually propose something that closely related to our sleep: Rapid Eye Movement, or REM for short. Well, that’s until now. Meet […]

A-Grip Cinema Provides a Secure Grip of Your Phone When Videoing

The more you use your phone to take pictures and record videos, the risk of it slipping off your hand increases and that’s due in part to how the phone is being held that puts it in a precarious situation. That said, there is certainly no lack of solution to counter this issue, but if […]

Librem 13 is an Open Source, High-end and Secure Laptop

When we talked about privacy with gadgets, we often think to secure our mobile phones, but when it comes these modern technology, pretty much everything is at risk and that includes the much trusted and used laptop. Well, if you considered yourself paranoia, we think it is high time your laptop should be secured as […]

Otium SoftRack Lets You Put a Roof Rack on Any Car Whenever You Desire

Roof racks. They are such a useful accessory that most of us would ignore the fact that it could be an eyesore when not in use. Well, I guess that’s the way it is. If you need it, you have to live with the roofline-breaking consequence. But a Minnesota-based startup, Otium Outdoors, who set out […]

The WAVE: Another Sleek Charging Stand for Apple Watch Hits the Market

Apple Watch is a pricey piece of equipment and so we are kind of stumped that it does not come with a dock or something of sort to, you know, prop it up in all its glory. In any case, spreading the watch out on the desk over the magnetic charger ain’t exactly the most […]

Fold Project’s First Product is a Flat-packable and Reusable Eating Set

As it is, mankind are creating crap load of waste that mostly ended up in landfills and despite the myth, Earth doesn’t quite have the luxury of space for that. That said, we can all do our part by recycling or at least try to minimize the generating of waste. Don’t know how to start? […]