REMzen Intelligent Sleep Mask

I am sure we are all familiar with sleep tracker. We are told that we should wear it on our wrist, sleep on super thin sensor and even slip under our pillows, but nobody actually propose something that closely related to our sleep: Rapid Eye Movement, or REM for short. Well, that’s until now. Meet REMzen Intelligent Sleep Mask, an advanced personal sleep tracker that does the same as other sleep trackers’ proposed to do and that is to deliver sleep data, as well as waking you at the right moment, but instead of movement, it does so using your REM-cycle.

But what the heck is REM, you asked? According to Medical News Today, REM “is one of the five stages of sleep that most people experience nightly. It is characterized by quick, random movements of the eyes and paralysis of the muscles,” which REMzen believes can provide you with valuable sleep data so “you can discover how to get the best possible sleep for your body.” The Portland-based outfit claims that their sleep monitoring method goes the extra mile by tracking many biological signals that professional sleep labs are analyzing.

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REMzen Intelligent Sleep Mask

It also touts the “Smartest Alarm” which boasts spectral light therapy, that will wake you up at the “right moment” so will always wake up on the right side of the bed. But why the light, which is found on the inside of the mask and around each eye? The light works much like some sleep trackers that automatically turn up the room ambient light to aid in gently waking you up. The only difference is, the light is around your eyes. Finally, being a sleep mask, it also helps to cut out ambient light for an undisrupted, good night sleep. REMZen is powered by an onboard battery, rechargeable via micro USB and it is connected too, enabling it to keep itself up-to-date with the latest firmware.

REMzen Intelligent Sleep Mask is raring to hit the market and it is doing so through crowdfunding platform, Crowd Supply, where you will be able to pre-order for $159 with delivery expected to happen in October 2015.