Eight Sleep Pod Pro Is Possibly The Most High-tech Bed/Mattress Money Can Buy

In then movie The Island, Lincoln Six-Echo (Ewan McGregor) had his pee immediately analyzed when he took a piss in the morning. The Pod Pro is not that, but I would think it is somewhere along the line.

Oura Sleep Monitoring Ring Now Boasts New Meditation Feature

Sleep monitor is not new, but have heard of meditation monitor? Yep, apparently, it is a thing. Oura, the company behind the ring form sleep monitor has just introduced a new meditation feature called Oura Moment. Oura Moment offers on-demand meditation tracking. It does so by measuring resting heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV) […]

Pavlok’s Shocking Clock Band Will Send Electric Shock To Wake You Up

Not being able to wake up in the morning is a chronic problem for some people. For these folks, they have probably tried gazillion ways to make them part with their cosy bed, which ranges from threatening to shreds your 100 dollar bills to shooting a target cube with Nerf gun to the crowd favorite, […]

Kokoon Sleep Sensing Headphones Will Coax You to Sleep with Audio and Sees to Your Sleep Wellness

It is said that music helps to ease us to sleep better than counting sheep, but wearing headphones or in-ear headphones while sleeping will only induce nightmare than a good night sleep. This is where Kokoon, the world’s first sleep sensing headphones, comes in. This sleek, low-profile audio cans not only playback music to coax […]

REMzen Intelligent Sleep Mask Relies on R.E.M. to Enable a Better Sleep

I am sure we are all familiar with sleep tracker. We are told that we should wear it on our wrist, sleep on super thin sensor and even slip under our pillows, but nobody actually propose something that closely related to our sleep: Rapid Eye Movement, or REM for short. Well, that’s until now. Meet […]

Chrona Not Only Tracks Your Sleep, But Also Actively Improves It

We have come across countless gadgets that promised to monitor your sleep and most of them works as they should, but to know the sleep data and not being able to act on it is as good as buying a car without an engine, which means you can’t move forward. And that’s not to mention […]

RestOn Wants to Monitor Your Sleep Without Being Worn

Most sleep monitor or activity tracker that claims to monitor your sleep requires you to wear a wristband when you sleep, but obviously, not everyone’s ok with that. Fortunately, there are a few non-wearable options out there and the RestOn Sleep Monitor by Shenzhen-based Sleepace is the latest to join the non-wearable camp. It does […]

Misfit Introduces New Activity and Sleep Tracker That Does Not Require Charging, Cost Just $50

while one part of the market is brooding over fraudulent crowdfunding campaigns, Misfit is one of the many examples that uses crowdfunding platform as a springboard to successfully launch a startup business. their first product, an activity tracker called Shine, made a killing when it was on Indiegogo nearly two years ago and today, the […]

Sense By Hello Wants To End All Your Sleeping Problems

what you see here is not a mementos of Beijing’s bird’s nest stadium used in 2008 Summer Olympics, though it looks pretty much like one, only rounder and sexier. it is the newest new kid on the sleep monitor block, simply called Sense that, like all sleep monitors in the market, aims to end all […]