If bedtime disturbances often keep you from getting into la-la land, then you may want to shut them out with Kokoon Nightbuds. Kokoon Nightbuds is a high-tech sleep-enhancing, sleep-monitoring Bluetooth earbuds that will drown out the buzzing noise from cicadas, your partner’s snoring, or raccoon ransacking your trash. It promised to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer.

Kokoon Nightbuds Sleep-enhancing Earbuds

Kokoon Nightbuds‘ earbud is super thin, at just 5.4 mm, which makes sleeping on the sides totally possible without any discomfort. To put the thinnest in perspective, Amazfit ZenBuds is 9.1 mm while Bose SleepBuds is 12.7 mm.

While it really is super thin, it does have a trade-off for the thinness; it has an additional piece of hardware – from which the cables emerged – that goes on the back of the head. Not sure how’s that for comfort. Anywho… the hardware is contoured to the back of the head and super low profile too. So, I guess all’s good?

Kokoon Nightbuds Sleep-enhancing Earbuds

The hardware is where the Bluetooth 5.0 module, USB-C charging port, a 100 mAh lithium-ion battery, and other circuitry are located. Because it is Bluetooth-enabled, Kokoon Nightbuds is also perfect for folks who have the habit of having someone read a story to you to coax you into the dreamland (you daddy/mommy’s boy/girl!).

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You can listen to audiobooks, podcasts, music et cetera to prep you for dreamland. As the Nightbuds detect you are falling asleep, it will automatically fade out and even bookmark where it has left off so you can pick it back up the next day.

Kokoon Nightbuds Sleep-enhancing Earbuds

Finally, Kokoon Nightbuds Sleep-enhancing Earbuds is app-enabled too. It works with an app to offer sleep coaching for users who need it and lets you in on your sleep data and whatnot.

You can learn more about this pretty amazing sleep gadget over at its product page where, if so desire, you can also secure a set by pre-order it at a discounted price of US$224 (U.P. US$249.99).

All images courtesy of Kokoon.

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