Good news super fans of Studio Ghibli with a boatload of money to drop. LMVH-owned Spanish luxury fashion house, LOEWE (not to be confused with German high-end electronics goods maker, Loewe Technology), has teamed up with Japanese animation film studio Studio Ghibli to release a delightful collection of designer goods based on the studio’s classic animated movie, Spirited Away.

LOEWE x Spirited Away Capsule Collection

In fact, this is the second collab after the first based on everyone’s favorite adorable chinchilla, Totoro from the animated movie, My Neighbor Totoro. The LOEWE x Spirited Away Capsule Collection includes a range of clothes and accessories with each piece featuring a character from the Oscar-winning animated feature.

“LOEWE artisans bring the characters to life with plays of materials and textures. The young protagonist Chihiro, the mysterious Haku, the sorceress Yubaba, Koanoashi the spirit with no face and Fly-Bird are all rendered in marquetry or embroidery, while the Susuwatari soot sprites are interpreted as pompoms and as bags. Some pieces are inspired by the classic Japanese technique of “boro”, which consists in creating a patchwork with mended indigo-dyed scraps.”

LOEWE x Spirited Away Capsule Collection

So, as you can see. The spirit of Spirited Away is not just skin-deep. It is down to the craftsmanship and arrangement of the materials. The new capsule collection, which is available for both men and women, is available now from with a starting price of US$222.

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Images: LOEWE [US].

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