This Is klang mkI, Loewe’s First Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Loewe, the German luxury TV maker, is known for its television. It has dabbled in audio products too, but never portable wireless speakers, well, that’s until now. Meet Loewe klang mkI wireless Bluetooth speaker, the company’s foray into the world of untethered, portable speaker. Loewe is a little late in the game, but the product …

Loewe’s Entry Level Ultra HD TV, Art TV, Launches This December for £1,299+

After nearly becoming part of the luxury electronics’ history, German luxury TV maker Loewe is back and presenting the firm’s first 4K TVs at the IFA last month. For a company who experienced a “near-death” experience, time is a luxury it does not have and therefore, it is quick to make the first Ultra HD …

Loewe 3D Orchestra IS Speaker System

you how intricate it is to set up a truly mind-blowing home theater system; you probably have to enlist professional help in speaker positioning, sound proofing and among the many details. however, you can save yourself that hassle with the Loewe 3D Orchestra IS Speaker System. billed as the world’s first integrated wireless 3D home cinema speaker system

Loewe Reference ID TV

the thing about having near-unlimited disposal income is, you don’t need to look the same as anyone else. such as having a TV that doesn’t look like your neighbors’ or at least, a TV with the aesthetic of your choosing. that’s exactly what the Loewe Reference ID TV is. available in three screen sizes – 40″, 46″ and 55″ – buyers will be able to choose from four

Loewe Speaker 2go NFC-enabled Bluetooth Speaker

in a market swarmed with Jambox-like Bluetooth speakers, it is easy to forget the one thing that your discerning sound hole craves for: power output. with most speaker letting out measly 3 watts to 16 watts output, the Loewe Speaker 2go NFC-enabled Bluetooth Speaker easily stands out with its 40 watts of total output