you how intricate it is to set up a truly mind-blowing home theater system; you probably have to enlist professional help in speaker positioning, sound proofing and among the many details. however, you can save yourself that hassle with the Loewe 3D Orchestra IS Speaker System. billed as the world’s first integrated wireless 3D home cinema speaker system, this system assures you will be on the receiving end of stunning surround sound that akin to a concert hall and be treated to the perfect sound regardless where you seat in your home cinema. the speaker system is designed to work with the latest generation of Loewe televisions such as the Reference ID where the TV will be the “command hub” and undertake the task as the center speaker of the 3D Orchestra IS-based home cinema system. that said, this seamless integration allows for a single remote to be in charge of the entire setup’s operation.

the Loewe 3D Orchestra IS setup includes either two or four Loewe 3D Orchestral speakers (depending on which version you chose), a Loewe 3D Orchestra subwoofer, a measuring microphone and a 3D Orchestra Controller module. sounds like a lot to be displaying out there in your living room, doesn’t it? fortunately, the Controller module is design to hook to the Audio Digital of your Loewe TV, which means it will be out sight. though the mic has to be upfront to do its job. finally, like recent Loewe products, these speakers are customizable (aesthetically, that is) for the added touch of individuality. the Loewe 3D Orchestra IS Speaker System is available in UK with a sticker of £1,500 for a 3.1 system, and £2,000 for a 5.1 system. additional speakers costing £650 a pair, can be purchased separately if you are looking to expand to a 7.1 setup.

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