Netflix Anime Ultraman Season 2 Official Trailer

First release on Netflix in April 2019, the anime version of Ultraman is not for purists. It is not the gigantic alien ass-kicker in a rubber suit that we have known; the anime Ultraman is a regular person, who for some reason, is blessed with a superpower and wears an Iron Man-like exoskeleton suit (called Ultra Suit) that helps to focus his power.

Netflix Anime Ultraman Season 2 Official Trailer

However, Ultra Suit Ultraman is one step up Iron Man, going with The Centurions teleportation of equipment for equipping the super high-tech suit. This means, when the person with Ultra power calls out, the suit is teleported to him and magically materializes on his body.

The events of Anime Ultraman occur at the time Giant of Light i.e. the good’ol Ultraman has left this planet. It took me a while to reconcile the fact that this is not the Ultraman that I used to know and love.

Netflix Anime Ultraman Season 2 Official Trailer
Guess who is this?

Anywho, three years on, we are finally getting the second season and this is the official trailer. From the 2:04 minutes trailer, we can see that more heroes are expected to join in the fight against the evil forces, including Ultraman Taro and an Ultra Suit that looks like Hulkbuster or Igor suit.

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Also from the trailer, we believe season 2’s plot has people mysteriously vanishing much like in Infinity War. Not going to lie, the trailer does get us looking forward to the long-awaited (or not?) second season. The Ultraman Anime is set to start streaming on Netflix in April 2022.

Images: YouTube (Netflix Anime).