5 Bong Types Every Smoker Should Know About

Bongs are a traditional way of smoking weed, and there is no limit to the types you may come across. According to reports, the global vaporizers market was worth $10.53 billion in 2019.

So how do you know which 6 inch bongs among different bong types suit your lifestyle best? There’s certainly an abundance of bong types for every smoker. The following article describes five bong types in detail.

What are Bongs?

A bong is a device for smoking weed. It serves the same purpose as a hookah, but it’s much smaller and more portable. A bong consists of three parts: the round base, where the water is placed, the tube containing the stem, which reaches from the bottom to the top of the chamber through which smoke can be inhaled, and finally, the chamber where you put your weed.

A bong can be made with glass or plastic. Bongs are very common among stoners due to their portability and ease of use. They are great for smoking on your own or with friends as they offer quite a kick for relatively little weed, but they’re not suitable for sharing with a larger group.

Types of Bong

1) Glass Bongs

A glass bong is usually straight-shaped and made of glass. It’s the most common type of bong out there and has a very clean and smooth hit. It’s also easy to clean and can be transported without too much risk of damage.

Plus, if you break it, you don’t have to worry about replacing the bong itself because all you have to do finally is buy a new glass tube.

Glass 6 inch bongs are usually straight-shaped, but there are also bent ones. These often have an ice catcher, so you can put some ice cubes in the water before smoking, which cools down the smoke for a more pleasant hit than you would get without the ice.

The advantages of glass bongs are that they’re easy to use, clean, and transport. They have a strong kick which is especially valuable for smokers on their own. The disadvantages are the added risk of breaking it while traveling, so good preparation is needed if you take a glass bong.

2) Plastic Bongs

Plastic bongs are available in many different shapes and sizes. They are usually made of plastic or silicone, making them more durable than glass bongs. They’re also easier to transport than their glass counterparts because you don’t risk breaking them during travel.

Plastic 6 inch long bongs are not as common among smokers as traditional ones, but they are great for people who need something more durable than glass. They usually come in different shapes and sizes to choose one depending on your preferences.

Plastic bongs are especially great for sharing with a larger group because they don’t break easily and often have several chambers so that you can share them with multiple smokers.

3) Wooden Bongs

Wooden bongs are great because they can be decorated. If you have some woodworking skills, you could even decorate your bong yourself to create a unique piece of art that is entirely yours.

Wooden 6 inch bongs usually come in standard shapes and sizes, primarily straight-shaped ones. They’re traditionally made of bamboo or another kind of wood. This type of bong doesn’t have any chambers, so you can’t share it with multiple smokers, but it’s great for smoking on your own or with just one friend.

4) Gravity Bongs

Gravity bongs are pretty rare, which is why most smokers may not have come across them before. Gravity bongs work by creating pressure through a simple mechanism.

You need a plastic bottle and some water. It works by filling the bottle with water until the pressure is enough to push air into your chamber. You then remove the cap and put your mouth over the opening, which creates suction, and everything’s ready for smoking.

The advantage of gravity bongs is that they’re usually pretty cheap to make and effortless to use.

5) Steamrollers Bongs

Steamroller bongs are widely spread among stoners, probably because of their portability. They are straight-shaped, and the chamber is placed right where you put your mouth, so it’s straightforward to use them on your own or with just one friend.

These types of bong have a downside, though – they rarely come with a carb, so you have to cover the opening yourself every time you want to take a hit.

The advantage of steamroller bongs is that they’re easy to use and transport. They don’t come with a carb, but there’s usually another tiny hole at the end of the tube, which allows air through when enough pressure builds up inside from your hit.

The most common type of steamroller bongs is the one with a glass bead in the neck where you can put your fingers through and cover the hole, so you don’t lose any smoke.

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