Nendoroid Ultraman Suit Action Figure

Superheroes like Ultraman is not the embodiment of cute, but here it is anyways, the adorable version of the new Ultraman by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi. Coming from Japanese toy maker Aquamarine Co., Ltd. and Good Smile Company is the Nendoroid Ultraman Suit action figure.

Nendoroid Ultraman Suit action figure is everything you imagine the new Ultraman to be, but only much cuter. Nendoroid Ultraman Suit is non-scale ABS & PVC fully posable figure. Each unit comes with a pedestal with an articulate posing arm.

Nendoroid Ultraman Suit Action Figure

Apparently, they have include the pedestal and arm thing because, the figure can’t stand on its own very well. Well, why am I not surprised?

Anyways… Nendoroid Ultraman will be available in December 2020 for 6,500 yen plus tax. Pre-order is happening now through to July 08, 2020. Folks outside of Japan can pre-order from Good Smile US website now for $68.99.

Images: Aquamarine.