Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just take off and soar the sky like a bird? Sadly, we are no X-Men and the closest a person can get to taking off just like that would be an air vehicle like the Watfly Atlas EVTOL.

Watfly Atlas EVTOL is an all-electric personal air transport, powered by four electric ducted fans (EDF). Watfly said that the proprietary EDFs are as quiet as 87 dBA from a distance of 15 meters (50 feet) away.

Watfly Atlas EVTOL Personal Air Transport

But noise no matters here because, there is a major caveat. You can’t use this as a personal transport per se. That means no hoping from rooftop to rooftop of skyscrapers in the city.

On the flip side, though, you won’t be needing a pilot license to fly this thing as it is classified as an Ultralight Air Vehicle. Well, that’s if it gets the nod of approval from FAA and also you get the mandatory training.

It being a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicle, there’s no runways required. That is too say, if you have ranch, you pretty much good to take off.

Watfly Atlas EVTOL Personal Air Transport

Other highlights include a stuff carbon fiber structure, an active cabin gimbal suspension, a clear 180 degrees wraparound canopy, flight computer to handle controls, and believe it or not, it does have a rear storage roomy enough for golf clubs, a set of skis, or snowboards.

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Watfly Atlas EVTOL is powered by a wing integrated battery pack that’s good for up to 60 minutes of flight per 2-hour charge. Availability is unknown, but we noted that it is available to order now on its website for $150,000.

Images: Watfly.

Source: Uncrate.

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