Japanese company Electronic Technology Sale Co., aka PCB Art moeco, has revealed a new Ultraman iPhone case, featuring a patented battery-free LED light up function. Harnessing the radio waves produced by the phone is how the case achieves the light up function on Ultraman’s color timer.

But light up phone case is not new. It has been around for years now. This one here, however, illuminates randomly whenever the device emits strong radio waves. So, apparently, it does not take a phone to ring to trigger the light up function.

There is an so-called antenna circuit that “catches” the radio waves coming from the phone and an amplifying circuit to boost that converted electrical energy to enable it to power the LED on the case.

PCB Art moeco Ultraman Light-up iPhone Case

Also differentiating PCB Art moeco Light-up iPhone Case is the all-so-geeky PCB board design. In fact, the entire case is a printed circuit board of sort. The graphics you see on the case is actually printed circuit board. So, yeah, the images of Ultraman, Seven, and Ace, along with the background buildings are traces – like those on an actual circuit board.

Another standout feature is, PCB Art moeco Light-up iPhone Case is designed and manufactured entirely in Japan.

PCB Art moeco Light-up Ultraman iPhone Case joins PCB Art moeco’s growing list of licensed iPhone case, including the likes of Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell, Star Wars, and more. For absolute geeks, there is a series on railways and maps too.

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PCB Art moeco Light-up Ultraman iPhone Case is available for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, and sells for 16,500-17,600 yen (about US$155-166).

All images courtesy of Electronic Technology Sale Co..

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