For a chef who demands the best in cutting and slicing, there is certainly no lack of options. But for a chef who also demands style and reliability in performance, there is the Porsche Design Universal Kitchen Knife.

Porsche Design Universal Kitchen Knife

Crafted from Japanese Pure 301 stainless steel, the beauty of this 15.2 cm long kitchen knife is something that even non-chef will be able to appreciate. I know I do and the only cooking I ever know are sunny side up and instant noodles.

Anywho, there is little to detail here. It is a universal kitchen knife and it is from Porsche Design. What there is to know is in the product images.

Porsche Design Universal Kitchen Knife

If you require more than a universal slice and dice tool, Porsche Design has a bunch of other specialized knives, along with carving sets, whetstone, knife block and more.

If you just want the Porsche Design Universal Kitchen Knife, you can pick it from Porsche Design Europe for €109. Folks over in stateside can also find the knife over at Porsche Design U.S. for $139, and Uncrate for $130.

Porsche Design Universal Kitchen Knife

Images: Uncrate.

Hat tip: Luxury Launches.

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