We do not know who originated these renders of the supposed Motorola Razr Folding Phone that Motorola is rumored to be introducing. We do know that the renders were posted on /leaks, but we also hear that they were making the rounds on Weibo prior to appearing on /leaks. Weibo is the confusing source. If you hit up Weibo, there are a ton of these images and in the good’ol give-no-shit about IP fashion, almost every poster on Weibo stamped their name on the renders, claiming as theirs and so, we really do not know who was the true originator.

Motorola Razr Folding Phone Rendered
Credit: @WHYLAB.

Update: the originator appears to be Weibo user @JJUT_.

Clearly, these were not a work of Motorola. Though I have to admit that the effort is commendable as the renders did not just cover the phone, but a suite of accessories, including a charging dock, earphone, and whatnot. Speaking of the phone, the design in this render is consistent with the clamshell folding pattern as filed by Motorola as opposed to the book style smartphone-to-tablet concept adopted by Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X, Royale FlexPai, and the yet to be official and unnamed Xiaomi Foldable Phone.

The book style folding route is what Apple will adopt too as evident from the patent the Cupertino tech giant has filed. The clamshell maybe just be solution to the folding phone’s Achilles heel as explained by YouTuber Dave Lee (which TCL seemingly may be charting the same path too). In any case, I am all for clamshell “compacted smartphone” concept as what we need is a big smartphone that’s convenient to carry when we are not using.

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If you love the renders that have been floating around, then you may be glad that designer Waqar Khan has taken the liberty to turn those renders into a “first unboxing” video to let in us on yet another feel of what the phone would look like. You can find the video after the post.

Images: /leaks (unless otherwise stated).

Source: lowyat.net.

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