When you see a name like “Unnecessary Inventions”, you’d probably expect some really goofy creations like those found in 101 Unuseless Inventions. In other words, inventions that sounds useful (and may actually be useful), but looks absolutely ridiculous. Or basically, just absurd ideas that somehow puts a smile on your face like the Cuisine Curtain you see here.

Cuisine Curtain Modesty Curtain For Eating

Cuisine Curtain is essentially a modesty curtain to hide your exaggerated mouth movement when eating. It features a “curtain rod” with integrated clip (of sort) for attaching to your nose’s septum (boy, that sure looks rather uncomfortable!). As a curtain should, Cuisine Curtain can quickly slide open when you need to talk, or take/make phone call. Also makes for a perfect accessory for when you need to pick your teeth after each meal.

Cuisine Curtain Modesty Curtain For Eating

Why is it ridiculous needs no explanation. And it is the ridiculous factor that makes this thing so hilarious. The irony is, people probably won’t notice your dramatic chewing habits, but this ‘product’ will no doubt make you the center of attention. I mean, seriously, no one present can remain nonchalant when seeing some with a curtain hanging off his/her nose, can they? I certainly can’t if I see one. Not going to lie. Granted, you may have all the attention, but no one will be able to see your mouth and what it is up to. So, I guess this Cuisine Curtain might just work?

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Images: Unnecessary Inventions.

Source: Geekologie.

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