in-ear headphones, however expensive they are, all faces the same fate of breakage when abused, but not the Aurisonics Rockets In-Ear Monitor. built to military spec, this pair of sleek in-ear buds features super durable titanium enclosure, Kevlar tri-weave military grade cable which is anchored at three points on the shell to prevent broken connections, and is constructed to IP65 standard, which means it fears no water, rain, or sweat. durability aside, the Rockets also addressed the fitment issue without the need for custom earbuds.

the unique tri-tab silicon retention collar keeps the earphones securely in your ear (by “grabbing” the inside of your ear) and the earphones itself is designed to reach deeper into your ear canal, thereby enabling more external noises to be blocked out. the less environment noise, means you can enjoy your music without having to crank up the volume, thus saving your ears from potential damages due to long term exposure to loud sound. on the inside, it is fitted with 5.1mm precision micro-dynamic driver that’s tuned to avoid hearing fatigue with prolong usage, while still presenting an “inviting sound signature.”

the Aurisonics Rockets In-Ear Monitor is available now from Kickstarter at a special price of $149 (retail: $249) with delivery expected to happen in March 2014. check out a pitch video below to learn more, or if you are ready, hit up Aurisonics’ Kickstarter campaign page and back the project up.

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