Ubooly Plush Toy

Ubooly Plush Toy
Ubooly Plush Toy | US$29.95 | www.ubooly.com

so your old iPhone or iPod touch just became a hand-me-down for your kids? well, don’t just let them fiddle with the cold, hard, emotionless gadgets. get them a Ubooly and give them the childhood they deserves. so what’s this oddly named plush is all about? for starter, Ubooly is a cuddly, plush toy but instead of those boring non-reciprocating plush you have when you were a kid, Ubooly works in conjunction with your iPhone or iPod touch and turns them into a fun, interactive toy. all you have to do is download and launch the free Ubooly Pet app, slide your iDevice into Ubooly (in an inverted fashion) and let the kids have all the fun. with the app, your iDevice becomes the interactive face of this cute orange creature (though, we have no idea which animal Ubooly takes on). the Ubooly Pet app will response to your kid’s question (though limited but it is evolving), read stories to them and offer kids with interactive activities et cetera. we see it as a beneficial product, if not a much needed one, for kids growing up in a gadget-engulfed world where a plush toy like Ubooly, will inject some tactile feel to the gadgets instead of having your precious ones growing up with cold, emotionless hardware. and to assure that you are getting the most out of your $29.95 for the Ubooly (and also not to bore your children for too long a time), its maker has made a bold promised: to update Ubooly with new activities every month to keep the interest of your little ones going. check out a product introduction video after the break to learn more about Ubooly.

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