Anyone who exercises regularly will know the importance of rehydration. That’s no brainer. We don’t even need to explain the science behind it. Anywho, these folks also knows that plain water is never enough after rigorous exercise routines and hence, the invention of isotonic drinks. We are not going to dispute the benefits of those sports drinks (isotonic, hypertonic or whatever), but what if there is a healthier option? Like say, contains whey protein with natural nutritional properties to promote muscle recovery in addition to hydrating your body? Sounds good? Well, those are exactly what CoCo Pro Hydrating Recovery Drink has to offer.

CoCo Pro Hydrating Recovery Drink

Touted as the world’s first high protein coconut water, CoCo Pro boasts a host of benefits and features including 20 grams of whey protein per 330 ml serving, natural nutritional properties of coconut water, 100 percent natural ingredients, no added sugar, fat- and cholesterol-free, low glycemic index, low in carbohydrates, packs as much as potassium as a banana (also per 330 ml serving), and obviously, it is also packed with electrolytes found naturally in coconut water essential for replenishing fluid lost through sweating. Most importantly, Coco Pro is certified by Informed-Sport, a quality assurance certification that confirms the product meets the highest quality standards and is in compliance with anti-doping regulations.

CoCo Pro Hydrating Recovery Drink is available on MuscleFood online store for £2.75 for a 330ml serving pack and will be available through Ocado, Holland & Barrett stores across the UK, starting mid-November. It will also be available at Equinox, as well as GNC.

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