PAMPSHADE Bread Lamps and LOAFA Bread Roll Sofa

Do you love bread? Do you really, really, really love bread? Well, if you do, you will want to know about two bread-themed pieces of furniture. OK. Technically, the PAMPSHADE is not furniture; PAMPSHADE is lighting, or bread lamps, to be exact.


PAMPSHADE are not lamps made to look like croissants, French baguettes, or white bread; they are made out of actual bread. That’s right. Actual bread. Believe it.

Created by baker-turned-designer Yukiko Morita, the PAMPSHADE utilizes all kinds of leftover bread sourced from nearby bakeries and retailers to give them a second life as croissant nightlights, baguette chandeliers, for example.


And believe it or not, they are things you can buy (from 5,990 yen, or about US$53) and functional, and no, it won’t go bad as edible bread do. The bread, which are hollowed to accommodate an LED light source, was treated with antiseptic and a mildew-deterrent.

But be warned, these being actual bread can be quite delicate and so, handle with care.

Next up is LOAFA Bread Roll Sofa, which is a sofa designed to look like it was formed from several bread rolls.

LOAFA Bread Roll Sofa

Obviously, those aren’t real bread like PAMPSHADE and it is a good thing because it’d be weird to be sitting on food. If you know what I mean.

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LOAFA actually looks pretty amazing, IMHO. Like, who would have thought that bread rolls would make a good-looking couch? Probably no one except for Estonian rapper Tommy Ca$h who is the designer of LOAFA with artist Gab Bois being the person who brought the furniture to life.

LOAFA Bread Roll Sofa

Now, here’s the thing. LOAFA is not an actual product, yet. It is a prototype. According to a report, Ca$h claimed that IKEA told him that if the LOAFA’s Instagram post gets 10,000 comments, the Swedish flat-pack furniture giant will make it real. That said it remains to be seen what will happen next.

Whatever it is, it is clear that Tommy has a thing for bread because he has collaborated with Maison Margiela for bread-themed loafers and yes, it is a thing money can buy (€95, or about US$108).

Maison Margiela x Tommy Ca$h Loafers

Images: PAMPSHADE/Instagram (Tommy Ca$h).

via Dude/Colossal.