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Custom Arcade Cabinet-inspired Sofas Because, Why Not?

You can’t play on an arcade cabinet sitting down, unless the furniture is a bar stool. Even then, it is not a norm. One for sure is, you can’t sit on the Custom Arcade Sofa when playing games on an arcade machine. Still, it looks kind of cool. It is a piece of furniture that exemplifies your love for this 80s video game machine. The arcade sofa, as it is simply called, was the brainchild of Paris, France based design studio Harow. Continue reading Custom Arcade Cabinet-inspired Sofas Because, Why Not?

Design Epicentrum Lets You Chill Out In Your Living With A Lamborghini

If you live and breathe luxury sports car, then it is safe to assume you have a garage full of exotic rides and if so, it is only fitting that your living looked the same. Now, the thing is, not everyone has the luxury of putting his or her favorite luxury sports car in the living, but with Design Epicentrum’s Lamborghini Sofas, you can realize this car enthusiast’s dream. Continue reading Design Epicentrum Lets You Chill Out In Your Living With A Lamborghini

Custom Toothless Couch Is Every Dragon Fanatics’ Dream Come True

If you are a super fan of something, anything that ‘something’ themed, you’d be excited. Personally, I am not a huge fan of How to Train Your Dragon, much less the TV series Dragons: Race to the Edge, but this custom Toothless couch made for Super Fan Builds series for one lucky mega fan (of Dragons: Race to the Edge, of course) just left me in awe. I don’t care whether the show is scripted and obviously, backed by Dreamworks, this Custom Dragons: Race to the Edge Toothless Couch is simply stunning and like what the super fan’s dad said, the details are off the chart. Continue reading Custom Toothless Couch Is Every Dragon Fanatics’ Dream Come True

Design Epicentrum Puts Luxury Cars In Your Living As Functional Furniture

You know how some car enthusiasts who can’t enough of cars, had their own old cars converted into furniture? But what if you can’t afford to cut up a Lamborghini or Bugatti to turn it into a desk or sofa? Well, not all hope is lost, cos’ there’s the Design Epicentrum, a Polish furniture specialist who will gladly craft a Lamborghini or Bugatti’s front end into either a desk or sofa in exchange for your hard earned cash. As opposed to some makers who repurpose luxury cars into furniture, which kind of limits the number of items they can turn out, Design Epicentrum custom made the luxury car’s front end out of fiberglass in Poland. Continue reading Design Epicentrum Puts Luxury Cars In Your Living As Functional Furniture

For $5,000, You Will Get What’s Needed To Turn This Sofa Into A Punk Sofa

Well, actually you can’t. Apparently, the item is no longer available. What a shame, right? Cos’ it looks pretty rad. Anyways, this item was peddled by UV Production House too. The funny thing was, we didn’t even realized it was from the UV team when we earmarked this for posting a few days ago and we went on to discover the Aquarium Backpack and Pee Converter. Anywho, what was pitched was a black leather sofa, delivered to you along with sewing supplies, white paint pens, and punk band-patches and instructions to turn this otherwise nondescript couch into a definitive punk sofa (officially, known as crust couch, I believe). Continue reading For $5,000, You Will Get What’s Needed To Turn This Sofa Into A Punk Sofa

The Crate Series – Furniture Concealed In Crates

moving is a gargantuan task. it involves packing of the myriad of stuff you own, moving them to the new location and unpacking them, which is a time consuming process. but that’s just part of the problem; the furniture is another major headache. moving often means giving up old furniture, thus sacrificing the familiarity, but thankfully, that only happens once in the blue moon. however, if for some reason you have to move often, then you will appreciate the Furniture in Crates by Beijing-based designer Naihan Li. created for Beijing’s shifting urban landscape where artists’ spaces are often demolished as soon as they are discovered, these creations allow the artists’ belongings and furniture to be mobile; all they have to do is to secure their stuff, close the crate and be ready to roll out of the space and into the new found space. Continue reading The Crate Series – Furniture Concealed In Crates

Peugeot ONXY Sofa

you know what a couch offers you? a place where you can just throw yourself on after a long day at work and hit the remote, but that’s not going to happen with the Peugeot ONXY Sofa – less you fancy some serious sore backbones. so yes. this is a sofa (though we are more incline to call it a bench, sorry that’s just us) and the materials that were used to craft it may leave you in awe, as do the price tag, but we come to that later. this three-meter long seat is handcrafted from high-tech carbon fiber that is meticulously fused with a portion of hand-carved Volvic volcanic lava rock – both materials which are anything but soft like a sofa should. Continue reading Peugeot ONXY Sofa

Bentley Home Collection

among the many things that Bentley Motors is proud of, is the exquisite interior that is signature to the British automaker’s luxury fleet. if you long for such lavishness outside of your automobile and have, at some point in time, even contemplated sleeping over in your Flying Spur, then there are three things you could do. one, see a shrink and seek help in getting rid of your ‘addiction’; two, rip out the interior of your Bentley car (that would be a huge ‘ouch’, won’t it?); or three, grab yourself some Bentley furniture off the Bentley Home Collection. Continue reading Bentley Home Collection

Teal Midcentury Sofa by Kelly Wearstler

the market is ever sprouting with new and awesome designer furniture, but you have to admit, sometime the old can be equally attractive as newer designer pieces like the Cassina MyWorld Sofa and the Teal Midcentury Sofa by Kelly Wearstler you see here is one excellent example. this modern channeled green leather sofa features a wood base and legs, and was originally used in the Avalon Hotel lobby, circa 1960s. so yes. this piece of furniture is an one-off, real-deal vintage that has its fair share of wear through the years of use. the fact that it is standing today is a testimony of the build quality and design that could put some of today’s modern pieces to shame. for this particular piece, it was described as having color loss (due to age, obviously) in the leather, plus various imperfections such as stains on the underside, a pen mark roughly 1.7 inches long, and white scuffs on the top left of the sofa. Continue reading Teal Midcentury Sofa by Kelly Wearstler

Sentient Long Wool Sofa

look at the Sentient Long Wool Sofa. can you imagine it being in the Star Wars universe? probably not. if it did, I am sure Chewbecca aka Chewie would be pretty freaked out. fortunately, this hairy throne isn’t Chewbecca-skinned, much less inspired by the character (it just has an uncanny resemblance to dear Wookie’s fur, that’s all). however, what really made up the Sentient Long Wool Sofa is nevertheless pretty rad; the structure itself is of reclaimed American oak, hence the prominent grain and rich colors, while the Chewie hair lookalike is actually long wool Icelandic sheepskin (yea. this is probably not in the alley of animal lovers, but still…). Continue reading Sentient Long Wool Sofa