Sustainability has been a key goal of flat-pack furniture giant IKEA and its latest effort in sustainability is a collaboration with Dutch denim company, MUD Jeans.

IKEA x MUD Jeans KLIPPAN Sofa Cover

The Swedish furniture maker has teamed up with MUD Jeans to give recycled denim a new lease of life, as KLIPPAN sofa covers. The material of each IKEA x MUD Jeans KLIPPAN Sofa Cover contains 40% of post-consumer recycled denim, which would otherwise be incinerated or end up in landfills.

40% may not sound like a huge deal, but considering that around 500 million pairs of jeans are sold each year, and on average, each European owns 7 pairs of which 2 are never worn, that number is pretty significant and may help ease post-consumer waste generations. All told, each cover is equivalent to 2 pairs of worn-out jeans.

IKEA x MUD Jeans KLIPPAN Sofa Cover

Moreover, the manufacturing of the cover differs from the industry standard denim method; IKEA said each cover made with this post-consumer denim saves 27,000 liters (7,132 gallons) of water and reduces the carbon footprint by a whopping 67%.

Sustainability aside, the cover retains the jeans pocket, relocated to the side for storing remote control, cell phone and whatnot. Now, that’s super cool, IMHO. But it could use more than just one pocket. Just saying…

IKEA x MUD Jeans KLIPPAN Sofa Cover

Unfortunately, the IKEA x MUD Jeans KLIPPAN Sofa Cover is a limited collection that are only available in 9 European markets, including Netherlands, Germany, the U.K., Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France and Italy.

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The IKEA x MUD Jeans KLIPPAN Sofa Cover sells for €99 (or £119 in the U.K.). It is available in Blue and Light Blue. Customers in the U.K. who don’t already own a KLIPPAN Sofa can choose to buy the sofa with the denim cover for £279.

IKEA x MUD Jeans KLIPPAN Sofa Cover

Images: IKEA.

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