solar charging for times where you have to be off the grid is totally awesome. however, there’s just one little problem: the sun don’t always stay where it is which means the solar panel won’t be getting the most out of what the sun has to offer. with the SunSocket Sun-Tracking Solar Generator, you don’t have worry where the sun goes – when its solar panels are fully deployed, the device’s proprietary sun-tracking technology will automatically track the position of the sun, thus ensuring its 60 Watt PV solar panels will always be bathed in the warm of the sun to charge up its internal 250 Wh lithium iron phosphate battery. on a good day where the sun is in your favor, it takes just 5 hours to charge up the internal battery to full, but you are looking at up to 9 hours to full charge if the sky’s cloudy.

equipped on this briefcase-size device are four USB ports, a 12V car cigarette socket, and standard power outlet that should satisfy most of your today’s gadgets need. but as convenient and awesome it is, it does come with a hefty price: it will set you back at a good $1,499 a pop and that’s not to mention it is another 25 pounds of weight you have to carry with you into the wild. then again, i guess you can’t put a price, or also in this case, a weight to emergency needs, can you? we only wish Aspect Technologies could make it look a little sleeker. perhaps, like a secret agent briefcase? just saying…

Aspect Technologies via Gizmodo

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