Honda Australia Celebrates 50 Years With A Line Of Gold Products

50th anniversary is also refer to as Golden anniversary, and thus, to mark its 50 years since it officially stepped into Australia in February 4, 1969, Honda Australia has spruced up some of its representative products with gold body work. Calling it Honda Australia ‘golden era of performance’ lineup, the products include a NSX hybrid […]

This Is The World’s First Solar Power Generator With Swappable Battery

Can you live without electricity? Probably not and therefore it is wise to have some form of back up power when power outage strikes. In the past, diesel generators were the choice of power generation, but those things create too much of a ding and that’s not to mention the fumes it serves up, which […]

K-TOR Power Box Gives You Free Electricity, But You’ll Have To Pedal For It

having a utility bill crunch? yeah, who doesn’t when there’s like a dozen gadgets to keep juice all the time? if that’s the case, then you may need a device like the K-TOR Power Box Pedal Generator. from the maker who latter brought you the K-TOR hand-crank generator, the Box Pedal Generator lets you generate […]

SunSocket Sun-Tracking Solar Generator

solar charging for times where you have to be off the grid is totally awesome. however, there’s just one little problem: the sun don’t always stay where it is which means the solar panel won’t be getting the most out of what the sun has to offer. with the SunSocket Sun-Tracking Solar Generator, you don’t have worry

Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Kit

as gadget dependent folks, our best friend would be the jolty dude named electricity and not Jack or Joe. we lust for electricity cos’ our smartphones, laptops and other homely appliances such as fridge, microwave oven and the likes needs it. in this case, we will need a powerhouse that could keep those power hungry gadgets and…