50th anniversary is also refer to as Golden anniversary, and thus, to mark its 50 years since it officially stepped into Australia in February 4, 1969, Honda Australia has spruced up some of its representative products with gold body work. Calling it Honda Australia ‘golden era of performance’ lineup, the products include a NSX hybrid supercar, Civic Type R high-performance hot hatch, CBR1000RRFireblade motorcycle, CRF450L next-generation motorcycle, CRF50F Kids Fun bike, HRU19Buffalo Premium lawn mower, and the EU22i Generator.

Honda Australia Celebrates 50 Years

Honda Australia said “the celebratory golden collection of products will be used throughout the year to inspired, thank and connect with Honda Australia customers.” In other words, they are for show only; you can’t buy them even if you have the money to drop. For its ‘golden era of performance’ lineup, Honda Australia has teamed up with Melbourne-based Vinyl Wraps and Graphics to conceptualize and produce the one-off gold bodywork for each individual product.

“A gold chrome film was laminated with a clear satin film to help disperse reflections, resulting in a unique and refined finish that changes tone with the prevailing light source,” described Honda Australia. Matt Czerny, Managing Director of Vinyl Wraps and Graphics, adds “Given the thickness of the vinyl wrap and the intricate profiles of the bodywork, this was a complex project across a diverse range of products, but we are thrilled with the results.”

Honda Australia Celebrates 50 Years

Czerny also highlight a very interesting observing which I totally concur: “And it’s not every day you get to work on a golden generator, everyone who’s seen it wants one.” Well, you bet your ass that I want it (and the lawn mower) even though I have no need for either. Unfortunately, though, that’s not the same fast and furious lawn mower, but at least the donor motorcycle of the engine of the record-making lawn mower is part of the golden team (which is the CBR1000RRFireblade).

Images: Honda Australia.

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Source: Autoblog.

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