If you live in a place where outages are as common as the birds on the trees, or you just want to be prepared, then you may want to check out the Mango Power Union Home Micro-Grid.

Mango Power Union Home Micro-Grid

There are quite a few options out there when it comes to home “uninterrupted power supply” that can work with your existing grid. However, the Mango Power Union Home Micro-Grid stands out as a home AND portable battery. It is the world’s first to feature a built-in dual PV Inverter.

Mango Power Union is modular, consisting of a large, heavy-duty home base and a smaller, detachable unit – known as “Power Move” – that packed with 2,000 watts of power and 2,300-watt-hours capacity for use at campsite, backyard, and more.

Mango Power Union Home Micro-Grid

Meanwhile, dual PV Inverter affords it fast charging speeds, either through wall outlets or solar panels (roof or portable). Mango Power Union is a hybrid battery system that packs 4.35 kW and is armed with no less than 19 output ports to satisfy the electricity needs of various gadgets, appliances, and equipment.

When the power is out, the main unit can work alone to supply power to various appliances and equipment, or it can combine with the Power Move to offer an astounding 4,000 kW/9,600 Wh of emergency juice that you can use to power refrigerators, heaters, air-cons, and whatnot.

Mango Power Union Home Micro-Grid

Mango Power Union is app-enabled too, empowering you with a wealth of power data like the available power, charging rate, temperature, and charging mode. The app also lets you track your environmental impact footprint, displaying data like the conversion of solar energy, carbon emissions, tree planting equivalents et cetera.

If you are down, you may pick up the Mango Power Union Home Micro-Grid as a pre-order from its pre-sale campaign on Indiegogo for a super early bird price of US$2,799. You can also learn more about this wonderful backup power for homes HERE.

Mango Power Union Home Micro-Grid

Images: Mango Power.

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