Allergens are everywhere; they are in your home, office, in the car – just to name a few. Guess that’s the price we pay for progress. We can alleviate the situation by wearing masks, or get an air purifier for home or office, but the problem is, not everyone adores having something plastered to our mouth and nose all-day long. Plus, we are mobile and thus, what an air purifier can do is pretty much limited to your home or office. But not if Luft Qi can help it.

Luft Qi Filter-less Portable Air Purifier

Luft Qi is soda can-size air purifier that not only lets you enjoy purified air anywhere, anytime, but it is also hassle-free too. How so? Well, you see, it is filter-less. Another words, you will never have to mess with filters like ever. This also means savings from the need to buy filters. On top of that, it is the first compact air purifier to use advanced photocatalysis nanotechnology that is capable of destroying mold, airborne bacteria, virus and even toxic stuff that calls the air you breathe home.

Luft Qi Filter-less Portable Air Purifier

It is lab-tested to annihilate over 80 percent bacteria and mold in as short as half and hour. Unlike filters which trap airborne bacteria which runs the risk of the microorganisms multiplying and getting back into the air, this nanotech is said to break them down, thus eliminating for good. It can even get of smells too, zapping bad air like tobacco and mildew smell, and odors emitted from paints, furniture and varnishes. And it does all of the aforementioned without harming the environment and annoy anyone because, it is totally ozone-free.

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Luft Qi pulls juice from powered USB to power its built-in LED and a whisper quiet brushless fan. Being USB powered, it means office workers will always have a “bubble” of purified air surrounding them the whole time. And oh, the LED and fan are said to of a 40,000 hours life span. So, if you want to leave it running 24/7, it will still last for years. Perhaps the major draw here is portability, which means it can go wherever you go. Sweet.

If you have allergies like me, you may want to consider joining the 600 plus backers in pre-ordering a unit (from $99) on Indiegogo. It is on flexible goal campaign, so your pledge for a unit is indeed a pre-order which will be fulfilled sometime in July 2018. But whether or not it is flexible goal or not, the campaign is well over its goal. In fact, at the time of this writing, it is already 334 percent funded, raising over $83K in funding. Nice.

All images courtesy of Luft Qi.

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