you know how flimsy the original Apple USB cables are, especially at the joint portions. you can save yourself a few quids by wrapping the frail parts with Sugru Flexible Compound, otherwise known as self-setting rubber. the Sugru is like a cross between a Sellotape and Blu-Tack – out of the pack, it has properties like the modeling clay which you can shape and form to your specific application such as reinforcing or repair the Apple cable (as seen in the image above) and when you are done, just wait for it to cure into soft-touch silicone rubber. it’s application is wide and varied, and can be use on almost any kind of materials, which means you can use it to improve the grip of your home improvement tools, shape it into cable clips or holders, repair sneakers, and even create your own custom protective bumpers for your smartphones.

normally, we don’t go to the extend of featuring ‘too nitty gritty’ stuff, but the Sugru is too brilliant to give it a pass. the Sugru is durable, waterproof and can withstand extreme temperatures (from -60 degrees celsius to 180 degrees celsius). looking at its near-limitless application, we would say that it is all set to be the next big household name alongside with Sellotape, Scotch Tape, Super Glue and the likes. the Sugru Flexible Compound is available in 3 and 8 mini packs and cost £6.99 (about US$10.90) and £12.99 (around US$20.20), respectively. if you are into colors, the 8 mini packs is the one to look out for.

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