these days, USB flash drive is as much as a fashion statement as the pair of jeans you wear and as such, we view it as not just another storage, but something that one could flaunt around like an expensive piece of jewelry. it basically tells what kind of geek you are. you can go the adorable route with mimobot items, or show off your appreciate for industrial designs with LaCie‘s, but if you have the penchant for exquisite timepieces, you shouldn’t miss the Chopard Caliber USB 01.01.L USB flash drive. granted, not everyone might be a fan of Chopard, but how can any watch aficionados resist its design that takes on the bridge of a watch movement? and like a wrist watch, it has the physical size to match: it measures a cool 39mm in diameter and is 10mm thick.

honestly, you could easily pass this off as just another thumb drive, if not for its beveled edge, rhodium plated brass construction with engraved letterings, Geneva strips decoration and four polished screw heads. apparently, this USB flash drive was used to store the press kits for the media at the recent BASELWORLD 2013. lucky for you folks, you don’t need to be a media rep to lay your hands on one. the luxury timepiece maker will be offering numbered limited edition of 2,000 pieces, each pack with 8GB of storage capacity, for those who have a pretty penny to drop. to be fair, we don’t know the price, but coming from Chopard, you’d be kidding yourself to think it would be priced the same as the Cruzer Orbit. click on the thumbnails in the gallery below for larger, individual look.

via Watches by SJX

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