you have seen multi-tool with hammer functionality, but a multi-function hammer? that’s something new. the name The Cole-Bar Hammer does not quite justify what this cool-looking hammer is or can do. in fact, it should really be called The Cole-Bar Multi-function Hammer. it is the only hammer in the world that can transforms into a full crowbar. a patented locking gear mechanism allows the hammer to spread apart from zero to 180-degree with 15-degree increments, and effectively, making this the only crowbar with an adjustable angle of pry. though the latter might be advisable as we do not know the strength of the joint, but still, if you find yourself in a tight space, the ability to angle might be quite handy.

apart from being the obvious hammer and the said crowbar, it is an angle measurement tool, a ruler, a socket wrench with a standard 1/2″ drive, a nail plier, and with a “touch of a button”, you can split it up and it becomes a demolition tool instantly. the The Cole-Bar Hammer is easily one of the best hammer, both in terms of aesthetic and functionality, we have seen to date. as awesome as it is, this little wonder is yet to be reality, well at least not yet, until it gets your wholehearted support, which you can do by making a pledge of 65 bucks or more via its Kickstarter page. so, if de-cluttering your toolbox happens to be your resolution for 2013, The Cole-Bar Hammer might be a good start. check out a uber-cool pledge video below to learn more.

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Kickstarter via Cool Material

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