Aperture-inspired Wrench Could Be The Future Of Adjustable Wrench

Bolts and nuts come in a myriad of sizes and having two systems, namely, imperial and metric, only bumps up the variety further. Depending on your level of expertise, so to speak, you may own a complete set of wrenches that covers many sizes of both systems, or you could, for the basic of basics, […]

Metabo Introduces New Brushless Impact Wrench, Has 295 ft-lbs of Torque

with the advancement in electric motors and battery technology, it is a matter of time that all power tools head towards the cordless path. though it is obvious that having everything running on battery pack may pose another set of environmental problem, but that besides the point – the point is, being untethered offers the […]

Click Carabiner Snowboard and Ski Binding Tool

seriously, if you are at the top of the ski slope, the last thing in your mind is to trek down to the pro shop to tweak a loose binding and yet, you won’t be lugging around basic ski or snowboard repair tools with you when you ski or snowboard, do you? the solution? the

The Cole-Bar Multi-function Hammer

you have seen multi-tool with hammer functionality, but a multi-function hammer? that’s something new. the name The Cole-Bar Hammer does not quite justify what this cool-looking hammer is or can do. in fact, it should really be called The Cole-Bar Multi-function Hammer. it is the only hammer in the world that can

Craftsman Figure 8 Wrench

if cosmetics are girls best friend, then home improvement tools got to be men’s best buddy. particularly true if you love to get your hands dirty with home improvement works, which inevitably leads to accumulation of more tools than you require. not exactly a good thing cos’ it clutters your tool bag to a point where fishing out a…

Mo-Tool Wood Inlay Axe

we hate to flood your head with the ideas of an imminent apocalypse and the possibility of the undead walking among us, and snacking on our toes, hands and whatever parts that they find it tantalizing. it is indeed a pessimist’s…