Bolts and nuts come in a myriad of sizes and having two systems, namely, imperial and metric, only bumps up the variety further. Depending on your level of expertise, so to speak, you may own a complete set of wrenches that covers many sizes of both systems, or you could, for the basic of basics, have an adjustable wrench. The former clutters your garage and latter is not exactly the not most trusted way do the job. If anything, adjustable wrench runs the risk of rounding the bolt or nut as having a two-sided grip is, like I said, not the most trusted way.

Aperture-inspired Adjustable Wrench by Jordan Steranka

Understanding this problem, photography-loving industrial designer Jordan Steranka sets out to design a perfect wrench that one) negates the need to own a bunch of them and two) to be just as reliable as a fixed size wrench, and the resulting concept product, dubbed Aperture Wrench, may very well be the future of adjustable wrench. Leveraging on the concept of a camera’s shutter movement, the hexagonal hole can be tweaked to be bigger or smaller via a dial surrounding the wrench’s head and a button at the neck lets user lock in the desired size.

Aperture-inspired Adjustable Wrench by Jordan Steranka

The benefits seem all rather obvious: first, this concept wrench is not lacking of grip since all sides come into contact with the bolt or nut and second, the locking mechanism ensure it will not slip which, more often than not, happens with today’s adjustable wrench (true story). And because of an all-sided grip, it should take the guess work out of fitment. Jordan didn’t stop there, though. The photography enthusiast also throws in a ring light, a detail also inspired by photography, around the inner rim of the wrench head so that, at a touch of a button, it will shed light on the immediate work area so you don’t have to wrench blindly or employ other light source.

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To be honest, Jordan’s Aperture Wrench excites a lot and I am not exactly sure why. Perhaps, it is because it could finally end the woes I had with adjustable wrench, or simple because it is camera-affiliated, or it could be both. I don’t know, but as thrilled as I am, I am also sorely disappointed that this isn’t a real thing, yet. This fabulous camera aperture-inspired adjustable wrench is, for now, a concept design, but I hope by spreading words about it, it will one day be made.

Aperture-inspired Adjustable Wrench by Jordan Steranka

Aperture-inspired Adjustable Wrench by Jordan Steranka

Images: Jordan Steranka.

via PetaPixel

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