A burger is much like a sandwich, which means it is usually made up of meat (or even veggie patty) and other ingredients sandwiched in between two pieces of bread or in the case of a burger, buns. Having said that, is a burger still consider a burger if the buns are replaced with meat patties or to be exact, 240g of beef patties? Well, I guess that’s debatable, isn’t it? This dietitian not approved meat-patties-for-buns ‘burger’ is exactly what Japan’s burger and bar establishment Shake Tree has to offer with its ‘Wild Out’ burger (still debatable at this point, btw).

Shake Tree Burger & Bar Wild Out Meat Burger

Needless to say, such a ‘burger’ is a serious cholesterol and calories packer and in case you still haven’t got a cue; yes, meat-for-bun burger is a thing and if you are in and around Tokyo, Japan, you can grab one to satisfy your carnivorous gastronomy for 1,450 Yen or more (roughly US$12++), depending on how many other ingredients you want to pack in it apart from the standard issues like cheddar cheese, tomato, fresh onion, onion BBQ sauce and mayo.

Shake Tree Burger & Bar Wild Out Meat Burger

So, like any good burger joint, you can choose from a host of toppings to trick out the burger like avocado, sour cream, jalapeños, and pineapple to ease the cholesterol/calories assault, or you could beef it up (like quite literally, really) further with cream cheese, additional cheddar cheese, bacon and even more patties. Well, you know what? Toppings or not, you are going to need a marathon run or two to burn those extra calories after packing in a single Wild Out burger.

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Before you get super excited and ready to meet the holy grail of meat patties, you ought to know that Wild Out is crafted from prime meat and hence, there’s so many Wild Out the joint can make each day, which means, if they are out, they are out for the day. Better luck tomorrow and happy queuing, because that’s what folks there do to get their mouth on one.

Shake Tree Burger & Bar Wild Out Meat Burger

Shake Tree Burger & Bar Wild Out Meat Burger

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Shake Tree via Kotaku via Geekologie

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