Life-size LEGO Replica of Friends’ Central Perk

Here’s yet another life-size LEGO replica, but unlike all other life-size LEGO replicas we have seen thus far, this should be the biggest ever and honestly, it will be a record that is hard to beat. The life-size LEGO replica in question is a recreation of the coffee shop in the hit 90s sitcom Friends.

That’s right. It is the Central Perk set, in 1:1 scale, in LEGO form. Not surprisingly, it this creation has bagged itself Guinness World Records for the largest LEGO brick stage set replica.

Life-size LEGO Replica of Friends’ Central Perk

Jointly created by LEGO master builders Nathan Sawaya and Brandon Griffith, the Life-size LEGO Central Perk took 1,800 hours of build time over the course of 8 months. In the process, 973,028 LEGO bricks were used. Holy mother… that’s nearly a million LEGO elements!

Then again, it kind of makes sense because, this stage set replica has everything that the Central Perk has, including the coffee menu, Phoebe’s guitar, coffee machine complete with coffee pots, and of course, the iconic couch which the bunch of misfits best friends love to gather at.

The Life-size LEGO Replica of Friends’ Central Perk was on display in Las Vegas to mark the 25th anniversary of Friends.

Images: Instagram (@lego/@nathansawaya).