If standing up and walking a few feet to grab book to chill out in your favorite throne is as much of a chore as going to the down to your local library, then you should really consider hooking up with the Luxury Club Library Bookcase Chair. The Luxury Club Library Bookcase Chair is exactly what it sounds like: a chair with integrated bookcase all around it. I guess you can say it is a dream come true for the lazy-ass bookworms, or simply a brilliantly thought out furniture for space-starved apartment in congested metropolitan like Tokyo, Japan. With the Luxury Club Library Bookcase Chair, your library is your throne and your throne is your library.

Luxury Club Library Bookcase Chair

I totally dig the idea, but the thing is, it does not look comfortable given that it lacks the ergonomic a chair should have. I guess that is what the fully upholstered button-cushion is there for. While the chair might be small as a ‘library’’, it still offers a mighty 27 feet (8.2 meters) of shelving for whatever literature you may amassed. Of course, you are given the liberty to place whatever that fits. At the end of the day, you know you need a place to rest your butt and you need shelves, and so that kind of make the Luxury Club Library Bookcase Chair a no brainer. And those are not it. This little fellow here has a couple more tricks up its sleeves.

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Luxury Club Library Bookcase Chair

First, it is on castors, so you’d be to roll your ‘library’ around and second, it has a secret compartment under the seat, accessible from behind the bottom shelf books, for stashing your little dirty secrets. I am not going to lie. I love the idea and my small book collection could use a space like such and still provide me a place to park my lazy ass, but there is just one problem: the price. You see, this brilliant furniture here commands a princely sum of 364,198 Yen, or US$2,950. Ouch. That a hell lot of money for a furniture even if it is a-two-in-one.

If you can afford it, go ahead, pick it up from Etsy seller TheLibraryChair, but if you can’t, perhaps you may want to consider taking the pain and make one yourself. Hey, no pressure. A couple more looks of this awesome bookcase/chair after the break.

Luxury Club Library Bookcase Chair

Luxury Club Library Bookcase Chair

Images: TheLibraryChair/Alexander Love Designs.

via Awesome Stuff 365.

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