Such a Great Speech: Applaud Xi Jinping Mobile Game

There Is A Mobile Game That Lets You Clap For China’s President. Yes, Really.

Oh. You weren’t invited to the China’s 19th CPC National Congress? Oh, what ashamed. But I am sure if you are in China, you would have tuned in and watched the monotone speech given by China’s incumbent President Xi Jinping which went on for an excruciating three hours and twenty three minutes. We are not a political website, btw, nor are we pro-China, and therefore, we shall refrain from touching on what was the speech was about. But as you have come to expect from a speech of this nature, it was appropriately interjected by enthusiastic applause from the floor.

Such a Great Speech: Applaud Xi Jinping Mobile Game

If for some reasons, you feel the need to relive the moment of you clapping frantically as the President gave his epic speech, well, the good news is, you can continue to do so – thanks to an unusual mobile-based game released by Tencent, the China juggernaut behind social media app WeChat. The game, loosely translated to Such a Great Speech: Applaud Xi Jinping first appeared online on October 18 and since then, it has reportedly been played over 1.3 billion times! Holy mother of… that’s probably a number you can expect from China.

Anyways, the non-OS specific mobile game invites you to listen to CPC’s mission delivered by the man himself, after which you are to “clap” for Xi by repeatedly (and likely, furiously) tapping on the screen of your phone to register as many claps as humanly possible within the given time of 18 seconds. Once your score is presented to you, you can then invite your friends to challenge your proud (or not) score. I am always up for a challenge and so, naturally, I took it upon myself to challenge our source 148 claps and on my first try, I did a decent 182 claps as a human.

Such a Great Speech: Applaud Xi Jinping Mobile Game

But 182 is a far cry from some claims our source found posted on Weibo where some folks claimed to have logged in an inhuman scores of 1,600-1,800 claps. Whoa. No f*@king shit, mate. Is that even humanly possible? I have doubts about the claims, but then again, who am I to judge? You can have a go clapping for Xi regardless of the OS you are on. Just hit up this link HERE on your mobile device and you are set to clap for Xi. A great way to waste a few minutes of your life (which you will never get back, btw) to polish the boots of a person who don’t even know you.

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via Shanghaiist.