Thibaut Thong Jeans Is Set To Be A Disturbing Fashion Trend

Some months ago, we uncovered a disturbing fashion trend. No. Not the Fried Chicken Leg pants, neither was it the romper for men, or the lace shorts for men. It was near completely torn jeans. But we dismissed it as one some quirky person doing it to for attention’s sake and thus, we gave it a past. But it has come to our attention today that this disturbing fashion phenomenon is real and it actually made it to the runway. Called “Thong Jeans,” this would-be fashion trend takes distressed denim to a whole new level by literally giving it the tear that turns an otherwise regular denim jeans into a thong. Now, you may think thong is nothing new.

Well, you are right. It isn’t, but this one here has the front and back panels of the jeans torn to the extend that it exposes more flesh than a pair of sexiest denim shorts you can find in the market. Sexy denim are, of course, not new, and sometimes it can get so sexy that it cheekily lets you “peek” what’s under it, but Thong Jeans here blatantly exposes what underneath without the need to for perverts to strain their necks to take the glorious view. Surely, this is a pair of denim that you can’t go commando with.

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The most ridiculous part about Thong Jeans is, the tear actually leaves the length of the jeans intact. So, what you have are strips of denim down from the waist on the seams to the ankle. It is almost like a balding dude trying to cover his baldness by covering it up with unusually long fringe. This controversial ladies’ fashion was part of the Japanese label Thibaut’s spring/summer 2018 collection which debuted at the fashion festival in Tokyo recently.

Thibaut Thong Jeans is surely going to the rock the fashion world and it certainly makes transparent denim look pale in comparison as far as ridiculous factor goes.

Images and source: designboom.