Japanese “Fried Chicken” Pants Went Viral

Ladies, if you are scratching your head over where to pick a fashion piece that will turn heads (note: plural), then look no further than Japan, AKA The Land of the Quirky. If anything, at least this quirky ladies’ pants that has a remarkable resemblance to fried chicken legs will have all puffed and ready for attention. Rest assure, you won’t be able stop stares. You will get all the attention whether you like it or not. Found peddled by Japan online retail giant Rakuten by Japanese Twitter user k_kazu_magi, this pants, while bound to trigger uncontrollable LoL moments, is set to be the next sweeping fashion trend. I mean seriously, these days fashion are basically bonkers and so, I am not entirely surprised if chicken legs begin taking over the streets the world over.

Obviously, whoever is behind this fashion piece is not going to admit that his/her masterpiece has an uncanny resemblance to fried chicken, but still, that won’t stop us and the rest of the Internet from thinking otherwise. And apparently, it is still on sale on Rakuten Japan website, priced at a modest 9,200 Yen, which works out to be just around 82 American dollars. Speaking of which, as a committed writer, I dived into the world of Rakuten with my meager knowledge of Japanese language in hope to find the link to this hilarious Alibaba-inspired, but kind of gone wrong pants. However, my mission was futile. I can’t find and neither did our source point it to us.

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I have spent the last half and hour scouring the ladies’ fashion section on Rakuten, but I just can’t find it and therefore, personally, I reserve the right to skeptical of the existence of this fried chicken trousers. If you read Japanese, perhaps you could do me a favor and find it for us?

Images: k_kazu_magi.

via Daily Mail.