Here’s a brilliant travel jacket that we just stumble upon called Pilloon Jacket by Hong Kong-based company AirOgo. It was a funded Kickstarter campaign from 2018. Not sure why we didn’t catch it when it appeared, but anyways, it is not too late to know. Pilloon Jacket is no ordinary jacket. It is the first jacket to feature an integrated inflatable travel pillow, thus serving as an outerwear to keep cold out and alleviate stiff neck when sleeping seated.

AirOgo Travel Pillow Pilloon Jacket

It even has an integrated eye mask with WarmTEX to complete the sleep anywhere package. Pilloon Jacket is designed with a patented concealed blow-up pillow that can be easily deploy by pumping up and wrapping around your neck. In addition to the travel pillow, it has a ton of other features that makes it shines as perfect travel companion.

It features integrated gloves with WarmTEX and cuff flaps protection, material with AirTEX technology that makes it impervious to water (and anti-crease and windproof, if we may add), Matt waterproof zipper, water resistant seam tape, large chest pockets, magnetic buttons, adjustable draw strings for perfect head wrap, and straps for easy carrying around when you are not wearing it.

AirOgo Travel Pillow Pilloon Jacket

About the WarmTEX and AirTEX technology, they combine to regulate the temperature, keeping you stay warm when cold and cool when hot, all while remaining breathable, lightweight, and water and windproof at the same time. Well, didn’t I say this is the perfect travel gear?

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Now that the Kickstarter campaign is well over, you can still acquire AirOgo Travel Pillow Pilloon Jacket from AirOgo website for 1,449 Hong Kong dollars which works out to be around $185. Available for both men and women in a choice of colors.

Images: AirOgo.

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