If rompers for growth-ass men did not manage to make you throw up your hands in the air and question the reality in 2017, then I am very sure this one will: lace shorts for men. Arghhh… this is not happening, is it? Unfortunately, it is, and it is safe to say that Lace Me Up Shorts by Hologram City sets a new benchmark of quirkiness in men’s wear 2017. Now, we challenge anyone to take on LA-based Hologram City to make our jaws drop even further than the solid ground. Lace Me Up Shorts is exactly what it says it is: shorts that pretty much leaves little to imagination.

Lace Me Up Shorts For Men by Hologram City

That’s right. In 2017, we also have see-through shorts for men with intricate lace pattern, usually reserved for women’s undergarments, to boot. Honestly, I can’t decide if it is supposed to be underwear, or simply a counter crazy heat wear. If an almost see-through lingerie-short hybrid for men isn’t enough for you, Hologram City also have matching lace shirts to complete the romper-look. Now, that’s one up RompHim for sure.

If you are still skeptical about this (the Lace Me Up Shorts for Men) is real, let me assure that it is and it can be yours for $49 a piece. And it is available in a choice of eye-catching colors too, but unfortunately, due to its lace nature, patterns, other than those offered by laces, are not available. It shouldn’t matter as you will be wearing them under, right? No?

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Lace Me Up Shorts For Men by Hologram City

Images: Hologram City.

Via Mashable.

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