360-degree Spinning Guitar Neck Electric Guitar

We have featured many musical instruments here, especially guitars, but I don’t believe we have ever seen one that we can call weird. OK. Maybe the Conceptual Vocal Synthesizer with its singing plastic teeth is weird. The point is, it is rare for “weird” and “musical instruments” to be in the same sentence but here we are, witnessing the birth of the weirdest guitar of our time: a 360-degree Spinning Guitar Neck.

360-degree Spinning Guitar Neck Electric Guitar

Created by Swedish YouTuber Mattias Krantz who has a penchant for creating weird musical instruments, the 360-degree Spinning Guitar Neck Electric Guitar is exactly what it says it is: an electric guitar with a round neck that, well, spins. It is a 3-in-1 guitar. It is a regular electric guitar, a fretless guitar, and a bass guitar with the thickest bass string you can find in the world.

The entire process from conceptualizing to building and testing took months and obviously, it is not a walk in the park. That’s not to mention it is expensive to make. The project is a success, though. After going hoops and loops, re-engineering, and whatnot, the guitar finally works are it should but from what see in the video, it is not an easy axe to shred.

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Oh, it has a motorized spinning neck. Like, how cool is that? Also, it works with a violin bow, well, kind of! You can catch the summary of the build video below. Trust me. It is worth the 16 minutes of your life.

Images: YouTube (Mattias Krantz).